Working With Us - Frequently Asked Questions

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Are you a GMP laboratory?                                                         Quanum performs all work in accordance with cGMPs. We take compliance with cGMPs very seriously and provide cGMP training for our employees on a routine basis. In addition to operating under cGMP, we also perform work under and in compliance to GLPs and QMS. Formal cGMP, GLP and QMS training is provided to our employees.

Are you registered with the FDA?                                                       Yes, we are. Our registration number is 2249631, and or facilities have been FDA inspected approximately every 2 years. Our facility has a long-established history of very successful inspection outcomes.

Do you have specific requirements for submission of samples?    All samples must be submitted with a signed copy of Quantex Laboratories'  Request for Analysis ( non-pharmaceutical) or Pharmaceutical Request for Analysis sample submission form. Please include a copy of the quotation we prepared for you. We'll also need to know who should receive the invoice and who should receive the final report. You can download our various sample submission forms by clicking on to Resources on the top menu bar. Learn More

How do I establish an account with Quantum?

When you're ready to submit samples for testing, you can open an account with us. To do so,  from the top menu bar simply click on to Resources. You can download our Credit Application form and submit it as per the instructions provided therein, or you can call us and ask for client services. A trained representative will discuss your requirements, and obtain the information needed to open an account. If necessary, this person will also prepare a quotation for you.

Whom should I talk to when I call Quantum?             

You should ask to speak to client services or the laboratory manager.

Besides the telephone and fax, are there other ways that I can contact Quantum?                                                               You can email us. All of our client services, management staff and managers have Internet e-mail addresses. We'll be happy to provide on-line addresses for the people you will be working with.

What are your business hours?                                                        Our business hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time), Monday through Friday. During these hours, client services and technical support is available to discuss your projects. Service for emergencies is available by emailing us at, where you will receive a response within 3 hours on weekends and holidays.

Can I audit your facility?                                                             Quantum welcomes your audit.   A visit gives you a chance to tour our laboratories, review our SOPs and QA program, and discuss specific projects with our scientists. The first one-day audit of our facility is complimentary. If you're unable to visit, we can supply you with a copy of our SOP Index and other QA materials. These will give you a thorough overview of our quality operations.