Sample Submission

In order to make submitting samples to Quantum Analytics an efficient process and to provide us with the necessary  information we need in providing you with superior customer and laboratory services, we’ve provided the following as a guide:

Step 1

Request a Quote

Click onto our Request Quote button, and enter the information on the pup-up form. Provide a detailed overview of the scope to be performed (i.e. sample name, project objective/analyses to be performed, requested time line, and any additional pertinent information). Shortly after you submit your inquiry, a scientist or business development representative will contact to issue you a quotation. In addition, you can also request that Quantum provide you with a standard confidentiality agreement to put in place.

Step 2

New Clients/Establishing an Account

If you are submitting samples to Quantum for the first time ( a new client)or do not have an established account with us, please complete our Credit Application. Follow the submittal information on the form.

Step 3

Complete Our Sample Submission Form

Complete our Request for Analysis Sample Submission Form . All samples submitted must be accompanied by our Request for Analysis Sample Submission Form along with a purchase order which enumerates the analyses requested. Additionally, regulated or regulatory driven studies may require a Chain of Custody form, which can be provided upon request. The following information must be provided at the time of sample submission:

  • Company Name, address, telephone and fax numbers, and contact name of the individual submitting samples.
  • Company Name, address and name of person to whom the report is to be sent to, if different than above.
  • Analysis/Test Requested(with method or compendial citation).
  •  Sample identification ( for each sample submitted).
  • Amount of each sample submitted (i.e. # bottles or weight/volume).
  • Lot/Batch ID for each sample.
  • Regulatory requirements (cGMP.GLP,etc.), if any.
  • MSDS or hazard identification if no MSDS is available.
  • Sample return or disposal instructions.
  • Time line (turnaround time).
  • Quotation number, if applicable.


Step 4

Ship Samples to:


Quantum Analytics Group
458 Elizabeth Avenue

Suite 5-185

Somerset, New Jersey 08873  USA

Attn: Sample Processing

Tel: 908.300.8381
Fax: 866.422.4894

Please note the following items are required to be provided prior or upon sample(s) submittal:

  • Completed Request For Analysis Sample Submission form
  • Correct Sample Size
  • P.O./Check/CC Number
  • MSDS
  • Signed Quote
  • Any Additional Documentation (if applicable)


Sample Delivery

We receive samples by U.S. Mail, UPS, FEDEX and from other carriers at 458 Elizabeth Avenue, Suite 5-185, Somerset, New Jersey 08873, USA. We accept sample deliveries Monday through Friday (except holidays), from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Please note that samples received after 3:00 PM are processed the following business day. Samples may be delivered at alternate times only by pre-arrangement, this includes rush or weekend work.

Receive Sample Receipt Notice

Our sample management group will send you a sample receipt notice confirming that sample(s) has been received and that testing will be initiated. Once testing has been initiated, your designated Client Services representative will keep you informed on the status of your project thru completion.